Last update: 26 Dec 2022


Old Taylor Lake Weather utilizes the Davis Vantage Pro 6152 weather station which was put into operation on June 16th, 2008. The weather station currently collects temperature, wind, rain, barometric pressure, and relative humidity. The site also utilizes METAR statistics from KPCZ (Waupaca Airport) for current sky and cloud conditions. Anemometer location was moved to remote location July 2008. A solar sensor was added on June 2009. Temperature housing fan installed Nov 2010 for better air circulation.

Evaportranspiration (ET) is a measurement of the amount of water vapor returned to the air in a given area. It combines the amount of water vapor returned through evaporation (from wet surfaces) with the amount of water vapor returned through transpiration (exhaling of moisture through plant stomata) to arrive at a total. Effectively, ET is the opposite of rainfall, and it is express in the same units of measure (inches, millmeters).

The Vantgage Pro2 uses air temperature, RH, average wind speed, and solar radiation data to estimate ET, which is calculated once an hour on the hour.

Begining in January 2012, OTLweather began transmitting weather data to MesoWest, CWOP and MesoMap.
CWOP ID: DW0723, MesoWest ID: D0723. This data will also be available on the NWS Meso system. I also have a station in Cedarburg, WI at CWOP ID: EW0472. This can be seen under the "Cedarburg3W" tab.

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Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

National Weather Service (NOAA) and (NWS)

Wisconsin Department of Transportation


SSEC-University of Wisconsin-Madison(satellite images)

My son Bob-Webpage design and code

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